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Friday, January 30, 2009

Proper Keyword Selection

Proper keyword selection is highly important when promoting your website to the world. The keyword is the phrase or term that is used to find a specific topic on the internet by typing the keyword into the search engines. Keywords get your web pages viewed in the search engines by customers. When the keyword is typed in the search bar the search engines will bring up all websites that are relevant to those specific keywords. When finding your keywords you need to think like a customer. If you were in the market to buy a wide screen HDTV, you will more than likely type in buy wide screen HDTV into the search engines and it will pull up the most relevant websites that have information based on your keyword phrase. If you were to only type in buy TV you will receive thousands of different search results with information that is not relevant to buying wide screen HDTVs.

A great website for researching keywords is Google makes it easy to find out which keywords work and which keywords don’t. Also you will see how many times the keywords were searched in the past month. When you open the website you can insert your specified keywords and a list of your keywords plus other relevant keywords will come up to give you the information on the keywords and how many times they are searched in a month.

When placing your keywords into your website you should not over stuff the website by filling it with keywords. Your customers need to be able to read the website and understand the website as well. Over stuffing your website with keywords will distract customers and the search engines will refuse to pick up on your website resulting in no visitors. Two or three keywords are all that is needed in your web pages, anymore will make the website confusing to read. Search engines will scan your website for relevancy and if your keywords are evenly distributed throughout your website you will have a better chance of being at the top of the search engines for the specific keywords.

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